Posted by: Jon Potter Ministries | April 27, 2010

Attention: This is gonna hurt!

One month from today my Elliott will turn 18 AND graduate from high school!  That hurts to even type!  If someone had come in to my hospital room at Brookwood Hospital in Birmingham, AL 18 years ago and said, “Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy….oh, and 18 years from today, he will graduate and leave home!”  I believe I would have jumped out a very high window!  But, no one told me that.  It just happened.  No one told me, that it would hurt so bad, letting go. Oh, I am sure someone told me, but I ignored them! Our human nature does not like letting go!  I have kept all of my kids pictures, projects, papers.  They are all neatly labeled in boxes, probably because I hate letting go!

As I have tried to process all that is going on in the Potter home, I have thought if God just might know a little of what I am going through.  He never had anyone move out and go to college.  I think His was a bit worse.  He knew from the start that His boy would one day move “out” !  Not just move out and go 3 hours to a university, where he can come home anytime he wants.  No, God was sending His son out into another “planet” where Jesus could not come home for bi-monthly visits, or even at holidays.  When Jesus left Heaven, it was for 33 years!  I think in the scheme of things, God knows exactly how I feel…. like a part of me is dying inside.

Elliott just went on a choir trip to Boston.  He was gone 5 days.  I could talk to him, whenever he felt it convenient :).  I could text him anytime I wanted.  He would text me back, whenever it was convenient! ;).  While he was gone, I felt it would be a great time to clean his room, closet, bathroom, etc ( clean like I clean, not as a 17 year old cleans!!!)….I found papers, notes, drawings, clothes that were way too small.  All the while, wishing he was just starting junior high again!  But….this is what we have been training him for!  The big game!  LIFE!  Did we coach good enough?  Did we explain the opposing teams strategies well enough?  Will he know how to do laundry correctly, if the need arises?  Will he be homesick?  All of those questions keep coming through my mind.   I know that Jon and I were not the perfect parents, but I also know that God is a REDEEMER!  We all can count on that!

I know that a lot of you have lived through what we are going through.  It is part of life!  So, that being said, please keep up in your prayers.  I want to at least” look”  like I am handling this gracefully, because inside I am kicking and screaming!

God knows what we are going through.  He truly cares!  Whatever we go through, He has already been through and He has made a way of escape for us!  His son didn’t just move out temporarily….He died!  For us!!!  How can I ever doubt His plans?  I am thankful that God knew when Elliott was born that he would graduate 18 years to the day.  I am more thankful that He didn’t share that with me…then!




  1. Wow Lisa, you are a gifted writer! Please write more, I’m waiting….

  2. Lisa,

    I feel your heart…as long as our children are alive we will not ever stop being concerned for their well being and happiness…always in prayer for God to reveal His truths to them in all circumstances…praying God to fill them with HIS knowledge, discernment and understanding of His truths and to walk in the spirit of God. Your sharing of God sending His son was awesome…Knowing you and Jon you have done an outstanding job in raising Elliott…Remember, God gave him to you two because you are the PERFECT parents for him…Will pray you stand tall and beautiful through this transition…I don’t see you ver often but you are an inspiration to me…much love and blessings to you dear Lisa…Mary Ann

  3. Lisa,

    God knows your heart, and your anxieties. And He’s spread His Grace waaaay out there past even your biggest worries. 🙂 You and Jon have been PHENOMENAL stewards of the gift Abba gave you in Elliott. I can’t WAIT to see how that boy rocks up the kingdom of darkness by advancing THE Kingdom!

    Love and SHALOM!

  4. My, My…Thanks for sharing your heart…Goodness gracious mine is turning 6 on Tuesday and I am mess reading this…I will be praying for you! A wise woman once told me(MY MOM)…If you have raised these children and they love the Lord God with all their heart, mind, soul and strenght and they are ALIVE…you have done your JOB!! Sit back and watch God show you that all that work and love was not in vain!! I will be praying!!!!

  5. Lisa and Jon,

    We only met the two of you a little over a year ago. Our lives have been blessed and so enriched by having known you even for this short time. This is the first time I have taken the time to explore your new website. Like the two of you it is unique in its own way and an inspiration to all who visit. God has such great plans for your lives as well as the lives of your children. Every Wednesday night when God sees fit and isn’t using you to minister elsewhere you bring a sermon that overwhelms us with encouragement to get us through the rest our our often hectic week. You two are amazing soldiers for the Lord and no doubt you have passed on these qualities down not only to Elliot but to the girls as well. However, we have all been where you are and yes it hurts almost as much as the “mom I am getting married” news but then you realize you are gaining another child of which God has blessed you with to love as your own then “deep breath” and all is right with the world. Keep up the good work and the path you have chosen in serving the Lord. You two are such a blessing to all that are blessed to know you. We love you both and we are praying for you and for this transition to be as painless as possible. God is working through you and Elliott as all of you are about to start another amazing adventure.
    Katye and Bibb

  6. Once some NASA scientists were asked, “What is the moon made of? Just say the very first thing that comes to your mind.” They all smiled and said, “Green cheese!” These scientists knew what the moon is really made of, but their first response was what they were taught as children!
    Young children are like sponges. Their whole job in life is to take information in. It is important as parents and teachers, that we understand the precious opportunity we have to teach our young children to know and to love God. There are at least two examples in the Bible that demonstrate this.
    Consider the story of baby Moses in Exodus 2:1-10. His mother had him for a little while at a very young age and then had to give him to Pharaoh’s daughter. She taught him while she had the opportunity. Let’s use our imagination for a moment. She may have said something like, “My precious little Moses, soon you will no longer live here. But I want you to know God, the God of our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is my God and I want Him to be your God, too. Remember, He will always use His power to help you. He will be your safe place in trouble. Stay in the secret place He has for you. Remember, with every step you take, His angels are watching out for you.” Even though Moses was taught in all the wisdom of Egypt, he still followed the faith of his mother. Think about how powerful his mother’s influence was over her young child, considering how short her opportunity was.
    Now, let’s look at the story of little Samuel in 1 Samuel 1:9-28. His mother, Hannah, kept him with her until he was weaned. These few years were the only time she had with him. Then, as she had promised the Lord, she brought him to the House of the Lord while he was young. From then on, she only saw him once a year. It was his mother’s faith and teaching that influenced this mighty prophet.

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